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General information

What is DEC

The APMP Developing Economies' Committee (DEC) was established in 2000 to help address the needs of APMP's developing member institutes and to oversee and coordinate associated work programs. More details are available in the APMP MoU, Article 7.

The DEC's Strategic Plan 2021-2023 is available here. The Plan identifies 6 Strategic Priorities, as listed here together with the DEC Task Force Lead(s) who are driving the work programs to address each Prioritty:

Leadership and Management Development : Dr Angela Samuel, NMIA, Australia

Implementation of DEC Monitoring and Evaluation System: Dr Ghufron Zaid, SNSU-BSN, Indonesia 

Creation of a Knowledge Management System : Mr Michael Solis, NML-ITDI, Philippines

Support for NMIs without published Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMCs) : Ms Thanakporn Nontachart, NIMT, Thailand

Fostering developing economy participation in APMP's Focus Groups : Mr S D I Dias, MUSSD, Sri Lanka

Future Proofing - supporting developing NMIs adapt, adopt and engage with new technologies : Dr Jariya Buajarern, NIMT, Thailand. 
- Links to resources from events organised by Dr Buajarern is: here

Chair & Contact

Dr Angela Samuel, Director, International Relations, NMIA.
E-mail: angela.samuel@measurement.gov.au

TCxx-DEC Champions have been identified to support developing NMIs in the following APMP Technical Committees (TCs):
- TCAUV: Mr Pairoj Rattanangkul, NIMT, Thailand
- TCEM: Mr Agah Faisal, SNSU-BSN, Indonesia 
- TCFF: Dr Theerarak Chinarak, NIMT, Thailand
- TCL: Dr Jariya Buajarern, NIMT,Thailand
- TCM: Ms MaryNess Salazar, ITDI, Philippines
- TCMMDr Narin Chanthawong, NIMT, Thailand
- TCPR: Mr Helmi Zaini, SNSU-BSN, Indonesia
- TCQM: Dr Charun Yafa, NIMT, Thailand
TCQS: Mrs Narangerel Dalaijamts, MASM, Mongolia
- TCRI: Dr Duncan Butler, ARPANSA, Australia
- TCT: Ms Monalisa Ragay, ITDI, Philippines
- TCTF: Mr Ahmad Sahar Bin Omar, NMIM, Malaysia