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Working groups

DEC Working groups

DEC Coordination Committee (CC):
The DEC Coordination Committee was established in 2016, among other things, to assist the DEC Chair with administration of the budget and monitoring and evaluation of DEC-funded activities.

The current members of the DEC CC are:
- Dr Angela Samuel, DEC Chair, Director-International Relations, NMIA, Australia (angela.samuel@measurement.gov.au)
- Ms Ajchara Charoensook, Director, NIMT, Thailand (ajchara@nimt.or.th)
- Dr Ghufron Zaid, Director, National Measurement Standards for Thermoelectricity & Chemistry, SNSU-BSN, Indonesia (ghufron@bsn.go.id)
- Ms Gao Wei, Director, International Cooperation Department, NIM, China (gaowei@nim.ac.cn)

DEC Taskforces:
The 2021-2023 DEC Strategic Plan identifies 6 Strategic Priorities. The DEC has established the following Taskforces to deliver on these priorities, with Taskforce Leads identified below:
- DEC Leadership & Management Development (L&M): Dr Angela Samuel (angela.samuel@measurement.gov.au)
- Implementation of DEC Monitoring & Evaluation System (M&E): Dr Ghufron Zaid (ghufron@bsn.go.id)
- Creation of a Knowledge Management System (KMS): From 2021 - Dr A Praba Drijarkara
- Support for NMIs without published Calibration & Measurement Capabilities (CMCs): Dr Mala Khan (malakhan_07@yahoo.com), Dr Rina Sharma (rina@nplindia.org)
- Fostering particpation in APMP's Focus Groups (FGs): S D I Dias (sdi116@yahoo.com)
- Future Proofing (FP): Dr Jariya Buajarern (jariya@nimt.or.th)