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[no.24] Greetings and report from the Chairman of APMP

Dr. Hidetaka Imai, Trustee
National Institute of Advanced Industrial
Science and Technology of Japan

As the chairman of APMP, I wish to express my hearty greetings to all the members of the APMP at the beginning of year 2002 and to thank you for the outstanding service that you rendered APMP in 2001. I am especially happy that we were able to successfully organize and hold the 17th APMP General Assembly at the National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ) in Tsukuba in November 2001. We were honored by the attendance of over 200 scientists, including more than 100 from abroad. BIPM, CIPM, EUROMET, SIM, and SADCMET all sent representatives from their organizations, demonstrating that we, as a regional metrology organization, have an important role in global activities related to the field of metrology. During the meeting, we discussed the importance of the key comparison database of the BIPM from the viewpoints of Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMC) and the Quality System of the National Metrology Institute (NMI).
In the last few years, APMP has made great strides as a leading Regional Metrology Organization (RMO), as indicated by the expanded works within the Joint Committee of the RMOs and BIPM (JCRB). At the 15th General Assembly in 1999, we made significant organizational improvements by establishing the Executive Committee, eight Technical Committees (TCs), and the MRA-Advisory Committee. We then established the Developing Economies' Committee (DEC) in 2000. At the 17th General Assembly, we established two new TCs, the TC for Quality System (TCQS) and the TC for Fluid Flow (TCFF), thereby better aligning ourselves with the activities of other RMOs and Consultative Committees (CCs) in the CIPM.
Based on the success of these previous activities, we are now ready to submit and review for CMCs submitted from our regional NMIs and also make an inter-regional review submitted from other RMOs together with Quality System for calibration laboratories.
Our next target will be to construct an APMP database for key and supplementary comparisons. Therefore, we have to concentrate on establishing a peer review system within APMP.
In another area, I am most pleased to announce that we have established the Iizuka Prize to encourage young scientists in APMP. Dr. Iizuka, former vice-president (now an honorary member) of CIPM, kindly contributed to the foundation of this Prize. The first winners of the Iizuka Prize were Dr. Esa Jaatinen of NML, Australia, and Mr. Cheong Tak Leong, PSB, Singapore. The second APMP award was also sent to Prof. Yang Xiaoren of China. On behalf of APMP, I would like to extend our hearty congratulations to these three distinguished metrologists.

1st January 2002

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