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General information

What is TCL

TCL is the Technical Committee for Length in APMP.
TCL organizes regional key and supplementary comparisons as well as piot studies in the field of length, and links the APMP activities to the Consultative Committee for Length (CCL) of the CIPM and to its counterparts in other Regional Metrology Orgarnizations. 
TCL facilitates cooperation in building and claiming CMCs of member economies.
TCL let the members cooperate technically through meetings and workshops.
TCL seeks harmonization between the members through sustainable networking.


Chair & Contact

  Jariya Buajarern, Ph.D. Group Leader, Nanometrology Group
National Institute of Metrology, Thailand (NIMT)
Tel: +66 84 757 1010
Email: jariya@nimt.or.th
LINE: jariyabuajarern