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General information

What is TCMM

TCMM is APMP's Technical Committee for Materials Metrology.
Materials properties are generally measured based on the procedures specified in documentary standards such as ISO standards. However, lack of an appropriate traceability and insufficient consideration on uncertainty often result in quite large discrepancies in the measured property data among laboratories as evidenced by many round robins.
The objective of APMP-TCMM is to reduce the discrepancy by putting the materials metrology into the measurement standards infrastructure. TCMM aims at establishing the equivalence of materials measurements among member NMIs.
TCMM provides comparisons for this. TCMM also provides processes required for member NMIs to register their CMCs in KCDB. Once NMIs establish the equivalence transparently, they may disseminate their measurements to measuring laboratories through calibration system (often via certified reference materials).

2001, Ad-hoc WGEMP (Working Group on the Evaluation of Materials Properties) established (17th GA,Tsukuba). Chaired by Dr. Bahng (KRISS)
2002, WGEMP was renamed as ad-hoc WGMM (Working Group on Materials Metrology) (18th GA, Hanoi).
2008, Chair was succeeded to Dr. Baba (NMIJ). (24th GA, Jakarta).
2009, Decided to carry out three pilot comparisons (PCs)
2010, Decided to carry out two SCs jointly with other TCs. Nanoparticle size measurement with TCL, thermal diffusivity with TCT. Chair was succeeded to Dr. Cho (KRISS)
2011, Decided to carry out SC on tensile properties measurement
2012, Ad-hoc WGMM was raised to TCMM (Technical Committee of Materials Metrology) (28th GA, Wellington)
Decided to carry out SC on electrical sheet resistance of Si wafer and PC on film thickness by XRR
Elected Dr. T. Fujimoto at NMIJ as a Vice Chair.

Chair & Contact

Dr Lingling Ren

Advanced Materials Measurement Laboratory
Naional Institute of Metrology (NIM), China
No.18, Bei San Huan Dong Lu, 100029 Beijing, China
E-mail: renll@nim.ac.cn