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General information

What is TCMM

TCMM is APMP's Technical Committee for Materials Metrology.

  • Measurement and precise control of material properties is essential for a broad range of industries. However the metrology that underpins such measurements and ensures that they are reproducible, representative and traceable is still in development.
  • TCMM is a multidisciplinary committee with a focus on metrology and traceability for materials properties and measurements. Areas covered includes nanometrology, graphene, physico-chemical characterisation of nano- and advanced materials, ultra-thin film thickness, tensile strength etc.
  • TCMM experts organize and participate in regional supplementary comparisons and pilot studies and link to the CIPM (e.g. CCL WGN and CCQM SAWG) by partnering with other APMP TCs, such as TCL, TCM, TCT etc.
  • As the measurands for materials property measurements are often method-dependant, TCMM also engages with documentary standards organisations such as ISO, and with pre-normative standards development organisations such as VAMAS (Versailles project on Advanced Materials and Standards www.vamas.org). The TCMM Chair is the contact point for APMP cooperation with VAMAS.
[Notable History and Achievements]
2001: Ad-hoc WGEMP (Working Group on the Evaluation of Materials Properties) established (17th GA,Tsukuba). Chaired by Dr. Bahng (KRISS)
2002: WGEMP was renamed as ad-hoc WGMM (Working Group on Materials Metrology) (18th GA, Hanoi). 2012: Ad-hoc WGMM was raised to TCMM (Technical Committee of Materials Metrology) (28th GA, Wellington). 2018: First TCMM- lead TC Initiatives Project proposal accepted for funding (“Influence of data analysis on the results of x-ray reflectivity measurements for ultra-thin film thickness of complex multilayers”)
2019: First Supplementary Comparison on Nanoparticle Size (joint activity between TCMM and TCL) published in the KCDB (https://www.bipm.org/utils/common/pdf/final_reports/L/S5/APMP.L-S5.pdf).
2020: Facilitated the signing of a MoU between APMP and VAMAS.
Second TCMM- led TC Initiatives Project proposal accepted for funding, with TCT (“Traceable temperature calibration of Dynamic Mechanical Analysers (DMA)”)

Chair & Contact

Dr Lingling Ren

Advanced Materials Measurement Laboratory
Naional Institute of Metrology (NIM), China
No.18, Bei San Huan Dong Lu, 100029 Beijing, China
E-mail: renll@nim.ac.cn