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General information

What is TCQM

The TCQM is responsible for developing and improving the equivalence of national reference systems for chemical and biological measurements. The TCQM is also responsible for initiating and monitoring the TCQM comparison programs and ensuring that these link to the international comparison programs conducted through the CIPM CCQM.

The responsibilities of the TCQM are:

  1. to establish global comparability of measurements through promoting traceability to the SI, and where traceability to the SI is not yet feasible, to other internationally agreed references;
  2. to contribute to the establishment of a globally recognized system of national measurement standards, methods and facilities for chemical and biological measurements;
  3. to contribute to the implementation and maintenance of the CIPM MRA with respect to chemical and biological measurements;
  4. to act as a forum for the exchange of information about the research and measurement service delivery programs and other technical activities of the TC members, thereby creating new opportunities for collaboration.

Chair & Contact

Kazumi Inagaki,
NMIJ, Japan
Research Group Reader of Evironmental Standards,
Reserch Institute for material &Chemical Measurement,
National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ), Japan
Tsukuba Central 3-9 Umezono1-1-1,
Tsukuba, Ibaraki,Japan 3058563
Tel&Fax: +81-29-861-6889
Emaill: k-inagaki@aist.go.jp