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General information

What is TCQS

The APMP Technical Committee for Quality System (TCQS) was established at the 17th General Assembly in Tsukuba,2001. Its first formal meeting was held just before the 18th General Assembly on 11 November 2002, in Hanoi, Vietnam chaired by Dr. Rohana Ediriweera of NMIA.

The mission of the TCQS is to serve for the NMIs/DIs claiming CMCs under the CIPM MRA.

The TCQS has two working groups.
  WG1: Policy setting an documentation
     Setting polices for the quality management systems to support the NMIs and DIs claiming CMCs under the CIPM MRA. 
     Documentation of the policies set by the TCQS.
     Contibution to the CIPM MRA documents maintained by the JCRB.
  WG2:  QS Review team
      Reviewing NMIs'/DIs' CMC submission in concerns of the establishment and ongoing operation of the quality management system, supporting the laboratory's competence in performing their calibration activities.
      The reviews are based on the requirements specified on CIPM MRA D-04, G-02 and the APMP's implementation document APMP-QS2. 

Chair & Contact

Chair           Dr. YANG Ping

National Institute of Metrology, China
E-mail: yangp@nim.ac.cn

Vice Chair     Ms. Rugkanawan Wongpithayadisai

National Institute of Metrology, Thailand
E-mail:  rugkanawan@nimt.or.th