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General information

What is TCRI

TCRI is the Technical Committee for Ionizing Radiation which covers dosimetry, radioactivity and neutron measurements (Sections I, II and III in the CIPM CCRI).

TCRI coordinates regional comparisons of measurement standards. These comparisons establish the equivalence of radiation measurements within the APMP and around the world via the CIPM MRA
The TCRI actively seeks to build the measurement capabilities of members wishing to improve their services. To this end the Committee conducts technical meetings and laboratory tours, and manages the communications with the CIPM CCRI and other regional metrology organisations.


Chair & Contact

3 year term, commenced 6 December 2019

Dr Duncan Butler
Director, Primary Standards Dosimetry Laboratory
Medical Radiation Services Branch
Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
619 Lower Plenty Road, Yallambie 3085, AUSTRALIA
Mobile 0425 889 600
Phone +61 3 9433 2274
FAX +61 3 9432 1835
email duncan.butler@arpansa.gov.au

Past-Chair: Dr Jinjie Wu, NIM