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Working groups

TCEM Working groups

-Present Subcommitee Chairs

   -TCEM DC and QM Subcommittee
      Chair: Dr. Nobu-Hisa Kaneko, NMIJ/AIST
      Area: Josephson, QHE, SET, etc
   -TCEM LF, Power and Energy Subcommittee
      Chair: Dr. Murray Early, MSL
      Area: Power, energy, harmonics, AC-DC, shunt, etc
   -TCEM RF and Microwave Subcommittee
      Chair: Dr. Yueyan Shan, NMC/A*Star
      Area: EMC, communications quality, safety, security, etc.

-Present Review Board Chairs (since 2018)
   1. DC voltage (up to 1100 V)
      Dr. Nobu-hisa Kaneko
   2. DC resistance
      Dr. Wan-Seop Kim
   3. DC current (up to 100 A)
      Dr. Murray Early
   4. Impedance (up to the MHz range)
      Dr. Jimmy C. HSU
   5-6. AC voltage and current
      Dr. Hiroyuki Fujiki
   7. AC power
      Mr. Vasukan Balakrishnan 
   8. High voltage and current
      Mr. Haiming SHAO 
   9. Other DC and low frequency measurements  (electric charge, phase angle, current and voltage waveform)
      Dr. Dimitrios Georgakopoulos
   10. Electric and magnetic fields
      Dr. Po Gyu PARK 
   11. Radio frequency measurements
      Dr. Anton Widarta 
   12. Measurements on materials
      Mr. Keith Jones