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Working groups

TCTF Working groups

WG on MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement)  
Coordinator: Dr. Yuzhuo Wang (NIM)

WG on GNSS(Global Navigation Satellite System)
Coordinator: Dr. Michael Wouters (NMIA) 
Sub-Coordinator: Dr. Kun Liang (NIM)

WG on TWSTFT (Two Way Satellite Time and Frequency Transfer) 
Coordinator:  Dr. Yi-Jiun Huang (TL)
Sub-Coordinator: vacant

Joint TCL/TCTF WG on OFM (Optical Frequency Metrology)
Coordinator: Dr. Yasuda (NMIJ)

WG on Test and Calibration
Coordinator: Mr. Ahmad Sahar Bin Omar (NMIM)
Sub-coordinator: Mr. Stephen Quigg (NMIA)

ATF Workshop Organizing Committee
Chair: Dr. Huang-Tien Lin (TL)