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Proposal-TCM initiative, Torque
name Minseok Kim, KRISS data 2011-11-28 hit 2,890 file APMP_TCC_Initiatives_TCM_Torque_KRISS.doc(43k) ,
- APMP pilot study on Torque in the range of 0 N•m, 500 N•m, 1000 N•m

To achieve global equivalence on torque standards, CCM Key comparison (CCM.T-K1) was carried out among 8 participants in the year of 2005 and 2006. Only two NMIs (KRISS and NMIJ) in APMP region joined the comparison and later, NMIT (Thailand) and NIS (Egypt) carried out Key Comparison CCM.T-K1.2 and CCM.T-K1.3 respectively.
No Key Comparison on torque has carried out in the APMP region. Thus, for APMP countries, pilot study for torque field is necessary to support their CMCs.
The target torques would be 0 N m, 500 N m and 1000 N m and the protocol would be developed. . This project will cost 6,000 in US$ to prepare the transfer standards and their evaluation.

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