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News & Annoucements

4th APMP FSFG meeting
name FSFG date 2018-11-25 hit 793 file APMP?FSFG?agenda-2018.pdf(167k) ,
The 4th APMP FSFG annual meeting was held in Singapore on 22-23 November, 2018

Horizon Scanning on the Use of Veterinary Drugs in Animal Farming & Fisheries and Their Impacts on Food Safety (22 Nov 2018)
Measurement Science on Veterinary Drug Residues in Meat & Seafood (23 Nov 2018)

This year, over 30 participants attended the meeting. Among them, we have 22 participants from 12 FSFG member institutions.

Also, with APMPs funding support, we are delighted to have 7 colleagues from APMPs member institutes in the developing economy, like NMISA, NPL India, ITDI-Philippines, NIMT Thailand, NMIM Malaysia, NIM China as well as KEBS Kenya.

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