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General information

What is Climate Change

o Scope
Metrology for the climate change and clean air in view of direct factors such as calibration of instruments and sensors related to stack emission and background measurement

o Objectives

- To establish national measurement standards related to the climate change and clean air (Flow, Temp, Sensor, Spectroscopy, Gases, Aerosol)
- To exchange information on how to support the national body of climate change and clean air by NMI (Measurable, Reportable, Verification)
- To give the strategic advice to the NMIs on climate change and clean air programme

o The Subjects in Climate Change and Clean Air FG

- CRMs of GHGs and clean air: for Background monitoring & Flux meas. (forest, rice paddy)
- Metrology for Emission measurement (Flow & Concentration) & Removal & Destruction Efficiency of GHGs
- Aerosol measurement (instruments & sensors)
- Remote monitoring (satellite, Lidar)
- Physical Measurement: Temp, Thermal conductivity

Chair & Contact

Chair: Dr. Sangil Lee
Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS)
Co-Chair: Dr. Hong Lin
National Institute of Metrology (NIM)