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General information

What is Clean Water

• Background
Clean water is vital for our lives and one of basic human rights. Unfortunately, the scarcity of clean water (both the quality and the quantity) still becomes a big problem especially for people in developing countries.
APMP Focus Group on Metrology for Clean Water would become an alternative approach to communicate to stakeholders, especially decision makers so that they realize and acknowledge the important role / contribution of metrology to solve problems in different sectors.

• Vision and Missions
To be part of solution for the adequate availability of clean water for mankind

1. To develop measurement technique / method as well as traceability necessary for correct determination of:
    - water quality
    - water quantity
2. To provide strategic advices in overcoming (clean) water problem
3. To share experience of cooperation between NMIs and stakeholders (water companies, decision making institutions)
4. To establish cooperation among NMIs in this specific field

• Membership
Focus Group membership is open for NMIs and stakeholders

• Activities
- Symposium
- Technical training/workshop
- Inter-laboratory comparison (coordinated by related TCs)
- Engagement with stakeholders in each member country

• Action Plan
1. To introduce Focus Group for Clean Water in GA, DEC, and TCQM Meetings
2. To invite NMIs and stakeholders to join the focus group
3. All material presentation and documentation will be uploaded to APMP website
4. To survey the need of CRMs, ILCs and Proficiency Testing related to Clean Water
5. To survey traceability needs for clean water (physical, chemical, and micro biology parameters)
6. To initiate CRM database for clean water
7. To organize annual meeting

If you want to join, please fill out this application form and send to nurul.alfi@gmail.com

Chair & Contact

Acting Director of RCM LIPI, Indonesia: gzaidkim@gmail.com

Prof. Ma Liandi (NIM China): mald@nim.ac.cn
Richard Shin (HSA-Singapore): Richard_Shin@hsa.gov.sg

Nurul Alfiyati (RCM-LIPI Indonesia)
email: nurul.alfi@gmail.com
phone: +62-856-1024-377
fax: +62-21-7560568