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General information

What is Energy Efficiency

Metrology for energy efficiency in a major activity amongst APMP NMIs, both developed and developing, and goes across a number of technical fields. Examples of impact to stakeholders include calibration of measurement standards, technical support for accurate measurement, research and development to respond to the specific needs related to energy efficiency. 

        •   Apply measurement science to develop metrology solutions that help address challenges in energy efficiency 
        •   Support needs-driven capability development in regional economies,
        •   Build relationships with stakeholders (national and regional) from industry, government, research and the  broader community to increase mutual awareness and understanding of the value metrology can add to their activities
        •   Encourage and foster cross-disciplinary and cross organizational information sharing, collaboration and planning of activities to achieve these objectives, working closely with APMP’s range of Committees. 

Examples of Technical Scope:  
        •   Clean and renewable energy e.g. Electricity, Energy Power & Harmonics, Hydrogen Energy, Solar & Wind power.
        •   Oil and gas e.g.  flow meters for large pipeline, measurement of chemical composition in the oil and gas LNG/CNG.
        •   Green buildings e.g.  air chiller efficiency, thermal insulation, LED (life span) and building material characterization.
        •   Energy intensive industries e.g.  calibration of equipment used and thermocouple without drift.

Chair & Contact

Dr. Ilya Budovsky (2020-present) 
email: ilya.budovsky@measurement.gov.au
National Measurement Institute, Australia

Vice Chair:
Dr.Anton Widarta
email: anton-widarta@aist.go.jp
National Metrology Institute of Japan
Dr. Oijai Ongrai 
email: oijai@nimt.or.th
National Institute of Metrology (Thailand)
Former Chair  (2018-2019): Ms. Ajchara Chareonsook 
Director, National Institute of Metrology (Thailand)
Former Chair  (2015-2017): Dr. Prayoon Chewwattana
Former director, National Institute of Metrology (Thailand)