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General information

What is Energy Efficiency

Metrology for energy efficiency in the roles of  APMP & DEC NMIs  such as  calibration of measurement standards,  technical support for accurate measurement, research  and development to respond to the specific needs  related to energy efficiency. 

-          To know more on national needs and capabilities  on Energy Efficiency.
-          To find the relevant situation of each NMIs.
-          To organize members & develop action roadmap.
Scope :  Metrology for energy efficiency of
-          Green building e.g.  air chiller efficiency, thermal insulation,  LED (life span)  and building material characterization.
-          Energy intensive industry  e.g.  calibration of equipment used and thermocouple without drift.
-          Oil and gas e.g.  large pipeline flow meter, measurement of chemical composition in the oil and gas LNG/CNG.
-          Renewable energy e.g. efficiency and life span of solar panels.

Chair & Contact

Chair: Mrs. Ajchara Charoensook
email: Ajchara@nimt.or.th
National Institute of Metrology (Thailand) 

Co-Chair: Dr.Anton Widarta
email: anton-widarta@aist.go.jp
National Metrology Institute of Japan 

FG Contact:
Dr. Oijai Ongrai (Secretary), Ms. Thanakporn Nonthachat
email: oijai@nimt.or.th, iro@nimt.or.th
National Institute of Metrology (Thailand)