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General information

What is

Food Safety Focus Group (FSFG) was founded in 2015 under APMP framework, aiming to enhance member economies’ measurement capabilities in food safety area, thus to realize mutual recognition and to facilitate regional trade.

  Improve capabilities of NMIs & DIs in food safety area
  Support the food trade of the Asia-Pacific area
  Realize the international mutual recognition in food safety area

How should FSFG work:
  Survey: data analysis; Discussion;
  Prior needs: Measurand; Measurement techniques; CRMs; Metrological traceability
  Carry out: Propose comparisons; PT scheme; Workshop and Training; Joint activities with stockholder
It is now consisted of 15 NMIs/DIs, including: GLHK (Hong Kong China), HSA (Singapore), KRISS (Korea), NIM (China), NIMT(Thailand ), MSL-IRL (New Zealand), NIS (Egypt),  NMIA (Australia), NMIJ (Japan), NMISA (South Africa), NRC (Canada), STD-ITDI (Philippines) , TISTR (Thailand) ,NMIM (Malaysia) and CSIRNPL (India).

Chair & Contact

Prof. Hongmei LI

Chemical Metrology Division/NRCCRM
National Institute of Metrology
No.18 Beisanhuan Donglu
Beijing 100029
Tel£º     +86-10-64228896/ +86-10-64524701
Fax£º    +86-10-64271639
Email£º lihm@nim.ac.cn