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General information

What is Medical Metrology

Scope :
- Support the whole value chain from R&D design, to manufacturers and to end users, regulators and accreditation agencies
- Setup international equivalence on medical measurements
- Traceability of medical devices and diagnostics
- Share mutual experience among NMIs, DIs and TCs to identify the gaps and needs in medical areas

- To collaborate on developments of medical metrology technique, instruments, facilities, etc.
- To develop and validate calibration procedures for medical devices and data

Ongoing APMP FG Initiative Project:
- Pilote Study on Automated Sphymomanometer Accuracy Test Using Blood Pressure Simulation Technique (Duration: 2018/Jun/01~2019/Dec/31)

Work Plan 2019:

—2nd FGI project BPSS PS Workshop,
—Preliminary PS results, Demo and tutorial session for DEC
—Hosting NMI under discussion: CMS/ITRI, NIM, or other NMIs
—Time: in May or July 2019
—Stakeholders to be invited: standardization and legal metrology bodies, major manufacturers, etc.
—Collaborate with TCAUV in MEDEA project in medical ultrasound metrology
—Make a new survey of APMP NMI’s capabilities
—Identify the role of NMIs and commercial labs in vertically integrated supply chains
—invite MDs/people from hospitals, biomedical engineering companies to share experience in future workshops
—Topics to be explored more for future MMFG’s collaboration
—Sharing X-ray diagnostic test results (INER, ARPANSA)
—No standard for radio therapy audit
—Bone Mineral Density: NIM and KRISS initiate the collaboration to draw more NMIs to join in the future

Chair & Contact

Dr. Ding Xiang
Center for Medical Metrology, NIM, China
E-mail: dingxiang@nim.ac.cn

Dr. Il Doh
Team leader for medical metrology, Safety Measurement institute, KRISS, Korea
E-mail: Il Doh@kriss.re.kr

Dr. Sheng-Jui CHEN  
Principle researcher, Manager of Mechanical and Medical Metrology Research Laboratory, CMS-ITRI, Chinese Taipei
E-mail: sj.chen@itri.org.tw