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Clean Water Workshops (Open)

1st International Webinar for Clean Water 2020 at Jakarta, Indonesia

File Description File Type File Size Date
1. Ecohydrological Approach to Water Quality Management_06 11 2020_Prof_ Dr_ Ignasius D_A_ Sutapa, MSc_ pdf 4M 2020-11-16
2. Water Quality Control and Water Quality Monitoring System in Indonesia_Dr_Budi Kurniawan pdf 5M 2020-11-16
3. The Scopes and Challenges of Metrology in Water Management_Prof_Ma_Liandi pdf 3M 2020-11-16

1st Workshop and Symposium for Clean Water 2017 at Bogor, Indonesia

File Description File Type File Size Date
PPT Dr. Sonny - Kemenkes pptx 4M 2017-11-24
PPT Dra. Nuryatini, M.S. - Metkim-LIPI ppt 5M 2017-11-24
PPT Prof. Bambang - LIPI pptx 12M 2017-11-24
PPT Prof. Ma Liandi - NIM China pptx 17M 2017-11-24
PPT Rr. Ulrich Borchers - PTG Germany pptx 13M 2017-11-24
Presentation LIPI Water Simposium by NESTLE_PL pptx 9M 2017-11-24

2021 WEBINAR: Metrology Development on Water Measurement

File Description File Type File Size Date
0. Final Agenda of FGCW Webinar 2021 pdf 1M 2021-11-05
1.The introduction on water meter£¨Chunhui Li£© pdf 1M 2021-11-05
2.Metrology Development in NMIJ focus on Water Measurement (Kazumi Inagaki).pdf pdf 2M 2021-11-05
3. Development of Measurement Capabilities and Metrological Services for Water Safety in Singapore (Richard Shin) pdf 4M 2021-11-05
4. Progress of Metrological Work for Water Measurement in NIM £¨tanghua£© pdf 3M 2021-11-05
5. Metrology Development of Water Measurement in Malaysia (Haslina Abdul Kadir) pdf 2M 2021-11-05
6. NIMT Activities in Water Measurement (Nattikarn Ornthai) pdf 3M 2021-11-05
7. Metrology Development - Measurement for Monitoring Water Quality of Rivers in Hong Kong SAR, China£¨H S Chu£© pdf 2M 2021-11-12
8. Metrology Development on Water Measurement in India (Swarupa Tripathy) pdf 4M 2021-11-05
9. Metrology Development in Water Measurements MUSSD- Sri Lanka & Thought & Challenges¡¯ of DEN¡¯s £¨S D I Dias£© pdf 1M 2021-11-05

2nd Workshop and Symposium for Clean Water 2018 in Singapore

File Description File Type File Size Date
APMP Focus Group for Clean Water - Pranee pdf 1M 2018-12-12
APMP TCQM Activities-Clean Water 2018 Singapore pdf 3M 2018-12-12
APMP-sNP-ICPQQQ-v1 (23Nov18)_Agilent pdf 2M 2018-12-12
APMP2018_Focus_Group_Clean Water_HSA pdf 2M 2018-12-12
Introduction pdf 3M 2018-12-12
Measurement Sciences in Drinking Water Quality Monitoring pdf 7M 2018-12-12
Minutes of meeting and summary pdf 1M 2019-01-09
NMIJ_Clean_water_FG_2018 pdf 2M 2018-12-12
NPLI Activity_Water_Focus Group_23rd November 2018 pdf 2M 2018-12-12
RESULT OF SURVEY_Updated 24 Nov 18 pdf 2M 2018-12-12

4th Meeting and Workshop for Clean Water 2019 on Sydney

File Description File Type File Size Date
FGCW on Sydney files zip 36M 2020-01-23
WELCOME to pdf 2M 2020-01-22

International Symposium-Metrology Awareness in Clean Water and NMI-Stakeholder Engagement Workshop 2019 at Cebu, Philippines

File Description File Type File Size Date
Activities NML Philippines Clean Water_Dr. Ebarvia pdf 5M 2019-07-26
Alternative Technology Processing Rain Water_Engr.Paradela pdf 4M 2019-07-26
APMP Clean Water Initiatives_Dr.Ghufron pdf 3M 2019-07-26
NIMT Activities Clean Water_Dr. Charun Yafa pdf 5M 2019-07-26
Philippines Water Supply IRR_Engr.Labandero pdf 1M 2019-07-26
Practices Experiences Water QC China_Dr.Ma Liandi pdf 3M 2019-07-26
Role of metrology_Dr. Inagaki pdf 1M 2019-07-26
SDG Drinking Water Current Situation Challenges_Dr.Magtibay pdf 1M 2019-07-26