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A general introduction of APMP's annual GA week activities

APMP has two annual meetings, the APMP General Assembly and Related Meetings, and the mid-year meetings of APMP's governance committees.

The General Assembly and Related Meetings are the major annual event of APMP. These are normally held between September and December each year and comprise:


  • the General Assembly (GA)
  • meetings of APMP's Executive Committee (EC)
  • meetings of APMP's 12 Technical Committees (TCs)
  • APMP's Developing Economies’ Committee (DEC) Meeting
  • a national Symposium organised by the host institution
  • satellite meetings and workshops, normally organised by the TCs
  • laboratory tours

The mid-year meetings involve APMP's governance committees, the EC and TC Chairs (TCC), as well as the DEC. These are scheduled between GAs to review APMP's strategic directions, priorities and workplans. Activities include meetings of the EC, the TC Chairs, a joint EC-TCC Meeting, and a DEC meeting. As the mid-year meetings are normally held in a developing economy, the DEC and/or TCs also typically conduct capacity building workshops during this week.

All members meet annually at the APMP General Assembly (GA) to review and discuss the aims and specific tasks of APMP as well as its rules of procedure. The GA elects the Chairperson from APMP's Full Members.

The GA is attended by representatives of APMP member economies as well as invited representatives from stakeholder organisations. Representatives of each Full Member economy nominate one Delegate who will be entitled to vote on behalf of that economy. Each economy can have only one Delegate.

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