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Webinar on Infrared Thermometers
date 2020-07-02 file



Infrared Thermometers are widely used in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The National Institute of Metrology (NIM) China proposed to hold a webinar for colleagues in the metrology community to exchange ideas and experience in using infrared thermometry for public health challenges. This initiative has received support from CIPM CCT and APMP TCT & DEC. We welcome metrologists from the Asia Pacific region and worldwide working in this field, as well as guests from industries, to join the webinar. Hopefully the webinar will promote the work on infrared thermometry and create more opportunities for future collaboration.




Date: 8 July 2020            Time: 07:30 am UTC                    Duration: ~2h

Platform: Zoom

Chair: Dr. Inseok Yang (KRISS, APMP TCT chair)





Introduction &

Opening Speech

5 min

Inseok Yang&

Yuning Duan (CCT President)

Session 1

Challenges of Using Infrared Thermometers for Public Health

10 min

Graham Machin (NPL)

Fundamentals of Infrared Thermometers

20 min

Klaus Anhalt (PTB)


International Comparisons on Infrared Ear Thermometers

15 min

Xiaofeng Lu (NIM)


15 min


Session 2

Technical Requirements and Metrological Evaluations of Thermal Imagers for Human Temperature Screening

20 min

Li Wang (NMC A*STAR)

Calibration and Application of Infrared Ear and Forehead Thermometers

20 min

Chengyu Bai (NIM)


15 min



5 min


How to join the webinar

1.    Attendees need to register on the following webpage before joining the webinar, please make sure to fill the right Email.


2.    After registration, the attendees will receive a confirmation email containing a link <>.

3.    a) If the attendees have installed the Zoom software before, clicking the link will launch Zoom automatically and the attendees will join the webinar.

b) If not, the attendees will be asked to install an add-on to their browser and following the instructions will guide them to join the webinar.

c) If a) and b) dont work, the attendees may try to download and install a software \"Zoom Client for Meetings\" at https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting before clicking the link in the conformation email to join the webinar on their computer. Or they may try to download and install a \"Zoom Mobile App\" at the same webpage before clicking the link to join the webinar on their smart phone.


For any more information, please contact:

Dr. Jinyuan Li, lijinyuan@nim.ac.cn

Dr. Xiaojuan Feng, fengxj@nim.ac.cn