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NIM Successfully Held Webinar on Infrared Thermometers
date 2020-07-29 file

 A webinar on infrared thermometers (IRTs) was held by the National Institute of Metrology (NIM), China, on July 8, 2020. The webinar was intended for colleagues to exchange ideas and experience in order to promote the research and international cooperation on IRTs and better use infrared thermometry for public health challenges. More than 270 people from about 80 economies across 5 continents attended the webinar.


The webinar was hosted by Dr. Inseok Yang from Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS), Chair of the Technical Committee for Thermometry (TCT) of Asia Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP). Dr. Yuning Duan, Vice Director General of NIM and President of the Consultative Committee for Thermometry (CCT), delivered an opening speech. 


During the webinar, five invited speakers delivered presentations on challenges of using IRTs in public health, fundamentals of radiation thermometry, international comparisons of blackbodies for IRTs, calibration and application of IRTs, etc. They are Prof. Graham Machin from National Physical Laboratory (NPL), UK, Dr. Klaus Anhalt from Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany, Dr. Li Wang from National Metrology Centre (NMC) of A*STAR, Singapore, Dr. Xiaofeng Lu and Ms. Chengyu Bai from NIM. The webinar was well received by the attendees, with some 80 questions raised to the speakers.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020, IRTs have been widely used for body temperature screening of massive people in many countries. Consequently, the use of IRTs and demand for calibration have surged, and how to effectively calibrate and correctly use IRTs have been drawing the attention of metrologists and users across the globe. Under such circumstances, NIM proposed to hold a webinar on IRTs for colleagues to exchange ideas. The webinar was supported especially by CIPM CCT and APMP, and it also received positive response from colleagues in the field of thermometry as well as those from health departments of governments, medical institutions, and relevant enterprises worldwide. 


Recordings of the webinar and answers to the collected questions will be available on the website of NIM (https://en.nim.ac.cn/taxonomy/term/250).