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Message from APMP Chair on World Metrology Day 2020
date 2020-05-19 file

Dear APMP colleagues, and friends around the world,

As APMP Chair, I would like to share a message with you on the occasion of World Metrology Day 2020, which comes at a special time.

World Metrology Day celebrates the signature of the Metre Convention on May 20 1875. The Convention created an international system for world-wide uniformity of measurements, which supports innovation, industry and trade, and life quality. As metrologists, we are very proud of our work.

The topic of World Metrology Day 2020 is Trade. Metrology supports trade by ensuring international consistency of measurements. It in particular facilitates trade through the CIPM Mutual Recognition Arrangement that finally enables mutual confidence in measurements made by different economies.

APMP, as one Regional Metrology Organization, is playing an important part in operating this system. At the same time, digital trade is growing. It will expand only faster in the post-COVID time. These all bring new demands for metrology. We need approaches that provide measurements adaptable to digital trade. We also need skills that make logistics very Ħ°greenĦħ and automatic. Metrology for digital economy is such an important area that APMP will give a high priority to in its development strategy for the forthcoming years.

At present, all of us are experiencing the impacts of COVID-19. APMP has cancelled its on-site mid-year meetings, many colleagues are working from home. Nevertheless, our work did not stop, our care for each other are more than ever before. IĦŻd like to thank everyone for your support and commitment. I wish you all the best, and happy World Metrology Day!