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APMP and VAMAS formalized cooperation in metrology for materials through the signature of an MoU
date 2020-07-02 file

The APMP-VAMAS Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed electronically by Mr. Fang Xiang, Chair of APMP, and Dr. Michael Fasolka, Chair of VAMAS Steering Committee, on 4 June 2020.


The objective of the MoU is to foster the collaboration of VAMAS and APMP and to lay out a framework for cooperative activities. All activities under this MoU shall promote the development of metrology infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region with a key focus on the comparability and accuracy of the measurement of materials properties.


The implementation body of APMP for this cooperation is the Technical Committee of Materials Metrology (TCMM). Now a jointly proposed workshop on traceable temperature calibration of Dynamic Mechanical Analysers (DMA) is underway.