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Successful conclusion of APMP 2023



Successful conclusion of the 39th APMP General Assembly and Related Activities

The 39th APMP General Assembly (GA) and Related Activities (APMP 2023) were held with resounding success in Shenzhen, China from 27 November to 3 December 2023. The event was sponsored and organized by the National Institute of Metrology (NIM), China. More than 300 participants from 30 economies gathered together to participate in various workshops and meetings. APMP 2023 allowed us to share our knowledge and expertise, strengthen our professional networks, and organize new collaborations.

APMP 2023 was a full-scale in-person event that included the GA, the Executive Committee (EC) Meeting, the Technical Committees Chairs’ Forum, the EC and Committee Chairs’ (EC-CC) Meeting, and the APMP NMI Directors’ Workshop. The event also featured meetings and workshops of all 12 Technical Committees (TCs), the Developing Economies’ Committee (DEC), all six Focus Groups (FGs) and the APMP-APAC Proficiency Testing Working Group (PTWG). In addition, a symposium entitled “Grand Vision for 2030+: Advancing Metrology in Addressing Global Challenges” was organized.

During the meetings, the participants engaged in in-depth discussions on a wide range of topics, resulting in expert opinions and recommendations. Some of the notable contributions made by our members include the following:

• Adoption of the APMP Strategic Plan (2024-2027)

• Election of new EC members, TC and FG Chairs

• Approval of the APMP Budget Plan 2024

• Review of APMP technical activities, discussion on the revision of the Hybrid Comparison Guidelines

• Review of APMP Focus Group workshops and activities

• Progressive review of DEC activities

• Commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the signing of the MOU between APMP and APAC

• Engagement with BIPM and other regional metrology organizations

The elections took place during a closed session of the GA. Two new EC members, Ms. Gao Wei (NIM, China) and Dr. Gregory Goh (NMC A*STAR, Singapore), were elected and started their three-year terms, and Dr. Takehiro Morioka and Dr. Wei-En Fu were approved to have their terms as EC members extended for one additional year until the GA 2024. The Lead TC Chair, three TC Chairs (TCFF, TCM, TCTF), and three FG Chairs (CCCAFG, MMFG, CWFG) started their first terms at the GA. A total of seven TC Chairs and three FG Chairs were elected. The GA also approved two new members of the Award Advisory Committee.

APMP 2023 award.jpg 727A8402.jpg

An award ceremony was held during the GA to present special awards to 11 recipients in recognition of their contributions. The 2023 APMP Award was presented to Mr. Fang Xiang – Director General of NIM, China and former APMP Chairperson from 2019 to 2022 – for his exemplary leadership and contributions to APMP during the pandemic years.

ILUVAPMP.jpg shenzhen china.jpg
DINNER (2).jpg WYM_7715.jpg

Our deepest appreciation goes out to the APMP Executive Committee, Technical Committee, Developing Economies’ Committee, Focus Groups, Secretariat, and all members for all their contributions and support. Finally, on behalf of the APMP community, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the host institute, the National Institute of Metrology of China, for their tireless efforts in organizing an exceptional conference that provided memorable moments for all participants.

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