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COVID-19 Response Programme

The APMP Response Programme against COVID-19 is a special programme, established upon APMP Executive Committee's decision at its 64th meeting in June 2020, with an aim to mobilize expertise within APMP for innovation and collaboration on metrology responses against COVID-19.

The Programme was established to encourage and fund the Technical Committees (TCs), the Developing Economies Committee (DEC), the Focus Groups (FGs) and all APMP member institutes, where applicable, to:

  • organize comparisons of COVID-19 related measurements among APMP member institutes and facilitate their participation in the associated international comparisons and/or pilot studies;

  • organize and coordinate the provision of capacity building or knowledge transfer activities in various forms to developing member institutes in need;

  • share information, experience and resources available for collaboration on optimal research enabling, e.g. accurate tests, effective therapeutics, as well as possible vaccines.

A COVID-19 project can be funded by the COVID-19 funding and the DEC funding as well, with the latter ring-fenced for activities to support Developing Economy NMIs (DENs).

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