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Comparison Measurement and Training Courses on the Ventilator Tester

Project overseer
Xiang Ding
Project timeline
Dec. 2020-Dec. 2022
Project status

Project description


Ventilators are one of the most important medical devices used in the treatment of patients with respiratory diseases such as COVID-19, SARS, and MERS. They are a high-risk medical device which requires routine calibrations and maintenance. The results of a survey carried out by the APMP Focus Group on Medical Metrology (MMFG) in July 2020 showed that ventilators topped the list of medical devices, for which NMIs expected to seek for support from MMFG. The capability of calibrating ventilator testers is very important for NMIs to support their stakeholders in the medical industry in the fight against COVID-19.


(Main tasks and goals)

In response to COVID-19 and future pandemics, this project was proposed, with two expected goals.

1) Technical training courses will be provided for DEC member institutes to support them to establish a calibration system for ventilators. Participating NMIs include MASM, NIMT, NIS, NMIM, NMISA, NML-ITDI, NPLI, SNSU-BSN, VMI, etc.

2) A comparison measurement on ventilator testers will be carried out for the first time to verify existing calibration methods. A calibration guideline will be drafted by the participating NMIs and invited manufacturers and provided for DEC members. Participating NMIs include NIM, NMIA, SNSU-BSN, CMS/ITRI and NPLI.  


(Expected impacts (for on-going projects) and/or realised impacts (for completed project))

It is expected that the project will enhance the capability of DEC members in medical metrology and raise awareness of metrology in the medical society by providing traceable ventilator measurements for combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

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