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Energy for Sustainable Future

Project overseer
Oijai Ongrai, Thanakporn Nontachart
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Project description

Most nations have taken on the challenge to reduce emissions and are working towards a transition to sustainable energy future. Clean electricity underpins this effort in almost every country.  Moreover, hydrogen is a clean, flexible and storable fuel poised to play a crucial role in the energy transformation. It is obvious that, measurement is of key importance for efficient production, distribution and use of energy for now and in the future. This project aims to explore the needs of energy stakeholders and to promote APMP measurement capabilities and research that could support the energy transition to clean energy.



Metrology for Clean Energy

29 November 2019, Sydney, Australia


Seminar & exhibition in SETA Smart Energy Transformation ASIA 2019

10 -12 October 2019, Bangkok, Thailand


In response to energy for sustainable future, this project was proposed, with two expected goals.

  1. Technical workshop “Metrology for Clean Energy” including Energy Efficiency site visit provided for awareness and understanding a calibration system for energy measurement. Participating NMIs include NMIA, NIMT, KRISS, NIMC, NMIJ/AIST, MSL-IRL, MASM, NMISA, NMC A*STAR, BSN, MUSSD, etc.

  2. Participating in the key industrial international conference related to energy efficiency at SETA 2019 in Thailand, a platform for policy makers, energy planners, engineers, scientists, investors, etc., to discuss and share research and experiences on energy in theme of integrated sustainable energy solutions for ASIA.


After gauging the Focus group workshop and effective international energy conference, there are benefits for APMP energy efficiency focus group directions, which are:

  • Participating in the key industry conferences / events, not normally attended by APMP members to present the great work of APMP members to stakeholders for showing impact and broad awareness of metrology.

  • Creating the connection between APMP to ASIA public organization to understand their current interest activities and how to work together.

  • Sharing APMP capabilities and research that could support the need of metrology in energy sectors.

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